• Great tips
  • Great humor. Thank you!
  • Very engaging and funny speaker. Can’t wait to read Erik’s book!
  • Favorite speaker so far.
  • Outstanding!
  • Excellent presentation. Can’t wait to put into action.
  • Great presentation! Love the content and delivery.
  • Great sense of humor! Great examples!
  • Fabulous speaker
From ATD’s International Conference

All three times I’ve observed this speaker this weekend have been completely transformative. My favorite thing is finding the new techniques and strategies to use. I can implement a lot of these strategies immediately.

From Write to Learn Conference

“Palmer’s new book is perhaps the best resource for teachers of any content area. It is concise (only 148 pages), clear, and organized, with practical ideas and suggestions that can easily be implemented into any classroom, not just English classrooms. The question of how to teach oral communication skills more effectively seems to come up quite a bit in my English department, and Palmer’s book is the perfect little handbook full of answers and ideas to get teachers started!”

High school English teacher

“Palmer’s ideas are an excellent resource…I have already seen an improvement based on his ideas…”

Middle school teacher

Read a thank you from a 4th grade student.

An endorsement letter from a secondary school committed to improving oral communication.

Read an email from a former student.

“One of the most wonderful things about this presenter is that he practices what he preaches. He was an EXCELLENT presenter, the subject matter was really important and – as he mentioned – frequently overlooked. In addition, his overhead presentation was perfectly minimalistic and fantastic! He also allowed us time to absob and take our own notes and also to interact with him. Excellent! By far the best on Friday. He’ll need a much bigger room next year if you get the word out!”

Possibly the best presentation I have ever witnessed!

Keynote Attendee

“I am in week 2 of teaching a public speaking unit based on Well Spoken,
and it is just fantastic so far because of Erik’s ideas.”

SaraDean of Faculty

“While you are a terrific speaker, I think your most fine tuned communication ability is listening.  You understood what we needed and then built an informative, entertaining, “spot-on” presentation for us.”

JanelleProfessor of English

“This is the most comprehensive book, written with delightful style and humor and above all with details that are specific and instructive. Well Spoken has the answers. I’m buying several copies for friends and family and grandchildren who are all in the arena of today’s corporate world. Everyone will benefit from this finely honed book!!”

Elaine S. Wienerfor the Gifted Education Communicator

“Our teachers absolutely love teaching PVLEGS to their 1st – 4th graders! We now use the PVLEGS oral communication rubric to help evaluate students in this area. We have seen marked improvement in our 2nd graders’ oral communication skills; specifically those that were exposed to the use of PVLEGS in 1st grade the year before…”

Sarina N. FierroHead of Lower Elementary (DK-2) Curtis School

“I should have been prepared for the utter lack of professional resources related to speech pedagogy. I was not. Fortunately, one of my students discovered your book and website…You have provided an indispensable professional resource.”

SMSU professor

“Well Spoken provides a thorough guide for any teacher or school interested in integrating speaking into the curriculum.”


“Ideas I can use right away.”

“Brilliant, funny, informative, helpful.”

“Wow.  Amazing.  Thank you for showing and not just talking.”

“Erik was a fantastic speaker.  I am enriched by it!”

“He was absolutely excellent–the best one.”


“Perfect!  So glad I didn’t miss this… Great & accurate & usable.”

“I have been recommending your work with teachers ALL OVER THIS CITY!  We use PVLEGS all the time…and refer to your comments/feedback frequently.”

(California school district)

“Let me start by telling you that I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in Nashville this past week. Clearly you are embracing the tenets of what you preach.

I have found that the most obvious things in education are typically the ones overlooked, yet most important. Five minutes into your talk I found myself saying…DUH!, why aren’t we doing this? I think your work is going to be game changing for our students.”